How My Website Is Supporting Reproductive Rights, and Other Fundamental Rights That Are Under Attack

A rainbow-colored word cloud relating to abortion, equity, and social justice.

My platform

When the world is turning upside down, it’s easy to feel helpless. Or, at least, that’s how I usually feel.

My donation pledge

From now on, my website will be donating the following each month:

  • 10% of the advertising income that this site earns will be donated to help support reproductive rights organizations, along with groups that support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities (because their rights are on the chopping block as well), and gun safety groups (because the Supreme Court’s bastardization of the Second Amendment has made our country a much more dangerous place).
  • A fixed-amount donation will be made to World Central Kitchen
  • A fixed-amount donation will be made to a local Brooklyn food pantry



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Amy Oztan

Amy Oztan

Digital Content Creator*OG Blogger*Actor/Singer*Baker @AmyRoseTraynor for acting, @AmyOztan for everything else. Blog: #Brooklyn